The Into The Wild experience is 5-days of stepping out of your current environment. Slow down and absorb the power of nature and its ability to sooth your internal challenges. Enjoy the simplicity of Saltwater and your existence in it. Reconnect with your masculinity as we hunt, gather, adventure with shark fishing, spear fishing, ocean swimming, building fire, living with animals.

Online support platform

A subscription to our 24/7 phone App provides a space for clients too vent, share and receive support from the Hard Cuddles mentors. Gain perspective or guidance from others who know what it’s like to hit a bump in the road. No appointments required, you can feel the support of our team from the privacy of your own home or at work. Feeling connection and supported at anytime of day.


Our team connects with our people through empathy, compassion and lived experience. One on one sessions, group therapy, family therapy. Someone to walk with you, sharing life’s load because it’s much easier to go into uncomfortable places with someone who’s got your back and you know has been there themselves. We knuckle down on emotions, addictions, or general well-being.