I am a recovering drug addict, at my worst, a 77 kilogram emaciated mess in desperate need of love, guidance and support. Now I am the proud father of five children, a loving husband and founder of the Hard Cuddles organisation. During my time in the abyss of addiction I noticed there wasn’t any real support or programs for males in my position. So I decided to create what I thought was missing in the mental health industry.

Studying human behaviour and body language is my passion, relating to people from different cultures and socio-economic environments has always come naturally to me. It made sense to use my skill set and lived experience to provide value to the community I once took advantage of. More than anything I love helping other human beings overcome emotional challenges and presenting my personal story in front of an audience to connect with people from all walks of life.

In October of 2018, I personally fulfilled a life goal and began working within the prison system of Victoria with the aim of emotional connection. The Hard Cuddles team has presented the full circle workshop and is now running an ongoing case study with 12 prison inmates. The breakthrough and willingness to participate in our program came off the back of my emotional vulnerability.

Love James ‘the hammer’ Harding



“Ive been lost in the abyss of drugs, consumed by addictions and unresolved emotions. Ive been to jail, lost children, houses, a business and sometimes my mind. Grief, fear, shame, anger, rage, depression were my chains. My war to find my true self. A life of pain was my keeper. But I’m still standing.

Steven Kline has an ability to engage with people in a raw and authentic fashion. His open and honest nature portrays an element of truth that is lacking in society. Using his vulnerability as a sword, Steven displays a level of empathy and compassion that underpins a message of self-belief to create a synchronicity with audiences and clients alike.

Steven is an accomplished Hard Cuddles facilitator and an integral part of our organisation

What you get with the “NEXT CONTEST” is a mentor and facilitator determined to use his life experience to show other humans beings, that it is possible to overcome any challenge.

We are both proud and honoured to call Steven a valued member of the Hard Cuddles organisation.